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    Glucosamine and tendonitis?

    Does glucosamine help with tendonitis caused by a shoulder impingement (hooked cromium)? Or is it just good for joints?

    The bottle by Twinlab says a serving size is (2) caps which equal 1500 mg of glucosamine. Should I take the 2 caps together at once or spread them out (1 750 mg at morning and 1 750 mg at night)
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    It might not help for your cause but I would try it out anyway its worth a shot.

    It really helps to stack it with MSM and chronditon I noticed a vast improvement within 3 months of taking it everyday i just pop it once in the morning.

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    Tendonitis is inflamation of the tendons. So I kinda doubt that glucosamine will help with it. Keep ice on it. Also use a heating pad ed.

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