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    Done test, hate anxiety, wanna do sups, but not PH's.

    Ok, i've done a 16 week test cycle at 650mg/week. Worked awesome, kept alot of the weight as well. (quick stats, weight went from 228-255, weight is now at 245 [7 months later/off], bench max went from 330 - 415, now at about 360-370).

    How ever, i cant stand the anxiety i get from test. Trust me i'd love to do another cycle, i loved the results. So only supps i have ever used is iso protein, all sorts of different brands. I have never used creatine, or anythign else.

    I wanted to try PH's (pro hormones) but i imagine ill have the same anxiety issues and its really expensive (in most cases where i live its more expensive than real gear).

    So, Along with protein what else should i try? I gain real easily. im a big guy.
    Stats are
    bf 14-15%
    Training for 2 years stragiht 5 days a week.

    Would like to gain Lean muscle mass with out water weight, Main reason i havent tried creatine is cause of the possible water retention. Any suggestions? I'd like to hear from guys who have used real sterooids in the past, so i have something to compare supplements too. Thanks.


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    bump for some help.

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    try creatine ethyl ester (no bloat)

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    Try tribulus at 2-4 grams daily
    and maybe throw in lonjack at 1-2 grams daily

    It will increase your test above baseline but not enough to cause your anxiety

    It is probably the best non hormonal thing out next to CEE it
    dont expect miracles though it wont feel like your "ON" or anything but might help a little with strength and over a period of 3-6 months you deffanatley notice a change in body composition

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