i dont know if anyone remembers a while back i was looking for some real good BCAA formula , and someone mentioned this link to about this product by SCI-FIT !


i have been using this product for the last whole month , i would take two table spoons of it ( since its in liquid form ) before workout and then Post workout aswell ................ combining this with my regular protien intake , and normal workout routine , without being on any kind of cycles ........ i have gained a good solid 7 lbs of muscle and from 16% body fat to 13% ........ stuff is very good i dont think i have ever taken any BCAA before such as this , with which i can recover a lot faster and keep my gains ! ........... so any of u guys out there who r doing it all natural i think this product is very good , to give it a shot , and its only 18.00 bucks for 948 ml , almost a liter ............. i ordered 2 and i am still half way down my first !

let me know if anyone of u guys have tried this before me , thx !