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    Ensure nutrition drinks

    Do any of you supplement your diets with the Ensure nutrition drinks (available at your local drug store) for additional calories? This stuff tastes pretty good and only takes a second to chug down a can (plus, it's rich in vitamins and minerals...

    Also, other than protein shakes are there any other simple, easy options out there for getting in some extra calories?

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    Ensure are too low in protein.. and they mix carbs and fats...

    Dietary/supplementation no-no.

    Simple options for getting in extra Calories?

    Natural Peanut Butter

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    ensure is loaded with sugar and crap, and like nark said they r too low in protein and probably use a shltty protein blend.

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    Ensure is for old people. I wont even get into the carbs/fat debate, which is one of my pet peeves.

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