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Thread: Viraloid

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    Viraloid is mentioned on this site only twice and not much information is given. Anybody used it since the first set of posts mid last year? This stuff is supposed to be a very strong Trib-like substance? (see The company's marketing literature is hyperbolic in the extreme, in fact it's completely ridiculous (claims to be a substitute for a gear). Still, I'd be interested if anyone has used it simply for libido enhancement. I can't imagine this stuff would pack on muscle. Thoughts?

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    Yeah it would probably be good for libido. But then again any kind of trib in general would be good for libido, when taking 3-5 grams a day of course. This is just my opinion, but I wouldn't get it. I'd rather go with regular trib.

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    I use it

    Yeah, I'm one viraloid right now, for about two weeks. I havnt seen any improvements physically or sexually. When I'm done with the bottle, I'm probably gonna stop taking it. It's expensive to, in my opinion, not really worth it either.

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