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Thread: Nutts and M1T

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    Nutts and M1T

    my balls hurt a little now and then, nothing major.. im wondering, when should i beware and stop taking the stuff, i mean, how long should it hurt to be a stop sign for me? should it hurt non stop too? hope youre getting what i mean.. "how" should it hurt for me to know i should stop?

    another question is.. after im done with my cycle.. will my test levels be back to exactly how they were before? will my body change in any way? now or in the future?


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    Not sure on your nut.

    Are you doing your pct with the M1T?

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    Your nuts hurt because your test levels are being shut down. They should stop hurting in a couple of days. When you start pct they may start to hurt again. As for your test levels, it should go back to normal as long as your endocrine system was fully developed when you started your cycle. Thats why its reccomended to wait until your atleast 21.

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    How long do you guys think it takes to get the test back to normal again after a m1t cycle? Lets say, if one was doin his pct cycle like the one nsa recomended with nolva and clomid? Im currently on day 10 of pct, i have kept all my gains so far (10lbs) but my sex drive is still down significantly.

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