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    Help Coming back?

    Whats up guys. I am back after a year. Was in amazing shape and hit the juice for a few years. Stopped because too much work and girlfriend (ya know let yourself go). Just stopped all of a sudden one single day and never went back. Anyway. I have not been keeping up with things. I am looking to drop some serious fat and then worry later about building my muscle back, I am sure I have some good muscle memory left. What should I take to drop my fat? Don't have the cash for GH and don't want to hit any roids until I bulk. I dont mind loosing a little muscle while dieting right now either. Heard that T-R-ALA is good or something like that? Or is it R-ALA? I think CLA is worthless so forget that. I have some clen on hand so I will likely cycle with that before summer hits and it gets hot here in Texas. I would appreciate som experienced people or mods, vets helping me out. I used to be a roid knowledge king and have now lost my hardrive of info. Anything else? IGF-1, 3 or something like that any good for dropping fat? Anything to take with R-ALA or T-R-ALA? Gosh I really don't know where to start. I only want to spend my money on something that is freakin worth the money. I don't believe in anything other than hard work and roids.

    Stats right now: 6'1" 275. 37-38" waist 19.5" pumped arm 47-48" inch chest. Have not touched a weight in 350 days. Not even walked for more than a hundred yards to my car...I have lost everything. 22+% BF=Fat ass.

    Previously, before I quit stats: 6'1" 265 waist 32-33 arm 19.5-20" pumped 49" chest, BF around 4%-10-16% seasonal depending upon contest time or not. I am going to drop carbs to below 50/day for the first week, then 30 for the next week, then keep it at 30-50/day total carbs for weeks after. Cardio three times a weeks at 30 mintues each and mostly concentrate on dropping calories from the weights, high reps, drop weight, non-stop circute type training for 30-45 minutes a day. then I will go back to the one muscle a week training like before. What should I take. I have read up on this new IGF stuff that is legal. Anything else good. the IGF is still expensive as hell $200 for month or month and a half. With my size I usually prefer takign larger amount of stuff also. taking in 2500 calories a day I drop weight like crazy.

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    k-r-ala. Check out Glucophase XR by Designer Supplements. As for the IGF-1, dont waste your money.

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