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    Where to get ephedrine and caffine for ECA stack?

    Any preferable place to purchase ephedrine and caffine for an ECA stack?

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    the gym
    Well, dont know where you can still buy the fat burners with the ephedrine in them, but I use ephedrine hydrochloride tablets that are sold strictly as a "bronchial dialator and expectorant" or some **** like that. Each tab is 25mg of ephedrine and I am still able to get bottles of them at some of the gas stations in my area. I can get like 100 tab bottle for under 10 bucks usually. Dont know if all states still sell them in this form or not, internet maybe? I get my caffiene from black coffee, green tea, diet pepsi, etc etc. And for aspirin you want Bayer Back and Body pain 500mg aspirin. I usually pop 2 or 3 throughout the day, however I'd like to substitute with yohimbe bark instead, I've heard its much better without the negative sides like aspirin. good luck!

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    you can get them in a store, ephedrine as mentioned above for asthma, and caffeine under no-doz, or you can order online. I got mine from atomicnutrition, ephedrine is under the name vasopro, and caffeine is...caffeine.

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