The main problem with powdered creatine monohydrate is water solubility. It takes 100 Milliliters of pure water to dissolve 750 milligrams of creatine monohydrate. So 5 grams would require about 670 ml or roughly 24 ounces of room temperature water to dissolve. Warm water does a somewhat better job. Remember, if creatine does not dissolve, it can not be absorbed. Some bright individuals actually just toss creatine powder into their mouths and chase it with water. That is like not chewing your food. Most of the creatine granules will not go anywhere useful. The second problem is the monohydrate electrical charge. Intestinal mucosa cells, which absorb nutrients, resist to some extent anything containing a net electrical charge of other than zero. (Which creatine monohydrate does not have) By the way, a molecule with a net electrical charge of zero is called a zwitterion and is readily absorbed by intestinal mucosa.

Next is the issue of PH. The PH that allows creatine to have a net electrical charge of zero is 4, which is less acidic than normal stomach PH, but more acidic than water. Pure water is 7. A point of interest is the fact that a PH value of 4 is also the physiological signal to transfer goodies from the stomach to the small intestines where most absorption occurs. So now we realize that creatine is best absorbed at PH value of 4, and that the creatine must be separted from the monohydrate. This allows 2 choices for athletes:

Purchase a good quality effervescent creatine, or you can be a mad chemist and make it yourself for under half the price.


1000 grams SKW creatine (Prolab/Kaizen/Muscle Tech)
400 grams Potassium Bicarbonate
450 grams Citric Acid
3600 (7.9 LBS) Dextrose
Flavor with sugar free drink mix (no atrificial sugar/sweetner or Vitamin C)

Potassium Bicarbonate and citric acid powders can be brought to any science or chemistry shop quite cheap. Pick up some PH test strips allowing for a 3.0-5.0 PH test range while you are there. Dextrose runs about $1.00 per pound at a health food stores. Throw all the stuff in a DRY 5 gallon bucket with a secure tight fitting lid and roll it around while you watch T.V. for about 30minutes.

Using a 50cc protien powder scooper (ya,, we all have several from tons of protein powder) toss one level scoop into 8-10 oz of water. Test PH level. If it is above 4.2PH add more citric acid. If it is below 4.0 PH add more Pottasium Bicarbonate to the mixture. Load with 4-6 servings daily on an empty stomach (it takes only 20 mintues for the mixture to clear the stomach) for 4-7 days an maintain elevated CP/ATP levels with 1-3 servings daily thereafter.

By the way , it should fizz and completely dissolve in water. How much more effective is effervescent creatine then regular creatine monohydrate? How about 84% better than most (if not at all) Hight dextrose content creatine transport mixtures. Creatine induced muscle cell volumination? 10-25% Oh ya, its about 194.9% more effetive than regular creatine Monohydrate powder. The PH does not have to be perfect but it should be close to 4.0 If the solution has no grit in the bottom after the addition of water, you have successfully created a Zwitterion. The best times to take creatine is upon waking, 20 minutes before a pre workout meal, right after a workout, and at least 90 minutes after any meal. Pretty simple, huh?