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    Best tribulus terrestris on market

    what is best trib on market?

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    jantzen4k the studies done on tribulus where it raised luetinising hormone thus increasing (endogenous test) natural test levels was a concentrated extract that was not only high in furostanol saponins (********* saponins) but was specifically high in protodioscin saponin content(%).
    many companies state a high saponin content but do not state protodioscin %.
    imho these should be avoided.
    many companies sell raw tribulus herb at bargain basement prices.
    again imho these are a waste of money.
    if you want to give tribulus a try buy a reputable brand,then if it does not work walk away knowing you gave it a fair and honest try rather than buy some cheap trib supp that is not worth a sh1t and feel as a supp trib is worthless!

    the brands i would recommend to you are:-

    (1) sopharma's TRIBESTAN

    (2) twinlab's TRIBULUS FUEL EXTREME

    (3) thermolife's TRIBOSTEN

    and although i have not tryed this one personally it was recommended to me by a fellow AR member.

    (4) nutrex's VITREX

    these are in no particular order.
    one thing assured is they contain a minimum of 20 % protodioscin saponin content.
    they cost more but i repeat it is a specifically protodioscin % concentrated extract that studies raising testosterone levels were carried out using.

    and before anyone asks NO i am not a salesman nor a spokesperson for these companies!(although i would appreciate the companies paying me commission on sales of their trib supps as i recommend them so frequently)
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