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Thread: Bsn Products

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    Bsn Products

    I was going to purchase some of the bsn products....(mass stack) or the test booster ect. all the products. Im currently using the NO Explode i like the energy and the pump it gives me durring my workout. But if i could be taking the other products and it would help me I want to know but i really dont have the money to waste right now so thats why i need some advice. Thanks.

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    Just so everyone knows the Test Booster is new and nobody on this site has even tried it.Take a look though...

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    im taking the bsn stack right now (no-explode,nitrix and cell mass) good combo so far u should look into it

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    heard the No xplode is amazing, but cell mass is over rated. I looked into this but really cant afford all that shit, i got no xplode for pre, and made some cheap knockoff of cell tech, dex,monohydrate,n tasteless whey, should be effective. Also is nitrix worth it, i just got a free bottle of pum tech from muscle tech, r they the same thing?? def let me know how cell mass treats u, but do u people think the nitrix is actually worth it?

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