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    best source for dextrose

    i found these but i dont really know what im looking for in quality... any advice?
    Also flax seed oil. Liquid or caps? and what kind please.
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    go to your local brewery/ winery and buy some dextrose there (corn sugar)

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    maybe its just me, but that link sends me to

    as for the question...for the most part, dextrose is dextrose. Theres not really quality concern.

    I get mine from mixed 50/50 with maltodextrin. Then I just weigh out 80g of it and add it to my 40g of PWO protein.

    I go with liquid flax oil, fish in the caps

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfyEVH
    go to your local brewery/ winery and buy some dextrose there (corn sugar)
    its cheaper there than you will find anywhere online (especially with shipping costs)

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