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    cee/lean extreme/sesathin

    i have been using dymatize xpand for the past 3 weeks and have definately noticed my muscles getting alot harder.

    I will be finished the xpand in about 2 more weeks and am switching to bulk cee. I was planning on taking lean extreme and sesathin along with the cee. I read that "prolangtum" takes mild doses of both whilst bulking. I just wanted to know what kind of dosing to do of both whilst still trying to put on muscle. I dont think i'll ever be on a strict cutting cycle which is why i'm asking. Is it a wasit of time taking these products whilst bulking or do they still aid in fatloss in specific doses?

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    i did 2 lean xtreme in morn, n 2 at night, and 1.5 of sesathin 3 times a day,. worked extremly well for me. I kept muscle on, n lost fat, check ur pms i sent u something

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    I would start out at 1 dose divided into two servings, one in the AM, and one at night. Depending on your body type, you can adjust the dosing of the SesaThin. Im a meso/ecto, so if I take it 3 times a day while bulking, I get a bit flat. If your an endo, you may want 3 servings. Follow the regular protocol with Lean Extreme. Good luck. GFH.

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