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    Best Creatine/CEE supp on the UK market?

    I've used a couple of creatine supps in the past and I've never really been blown away - not that I was expecting to be most of given moderate gains. Anyway, I just wanted to know from you UK lads or from anyone whos used creatine based supps that are available in the UK, which you thought is best? Or which is supposed to be best?
    Of the recent creatines I've used San V12 Turbo and Omega Sports CEE (cre-ethyl thunder) have been the best. Hard to say which is better though which is credit to V12 with it only being regular mono creatine and the Omega being CEE.
    So, which should I try next? which is the best creatine/CEE supp on the market?

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    i'd say omega ethyl-thunder is the best i've used.....

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