in the past month or so i've been on a pure cutting workout regime with a low diet, all cardio, and an ephedrine supplementation. Now i've got to where i wanna be, but i wanna go on a mass building routine again now, yet at the same time try and keep as ripped as possible. Staying natural for now, i was thinking of using NO2 for mass instead of creatine cause NO2 provides a more toned look I believe?? or should i stick with creatine??. But anyways here are my questions. Is it effective to have NO2/creatine with Ephedrine or is it a waste. And secondly should i use clem instead of Ephedrine, because of its ability to process protein better? but at the same time i've heard Ephedrine and Clem work almost the same in terms of fat buringing.. in fact im using Ephedrine with a Rev-XP, so is Clem even worth getting? Lastly how much cardio is safe to do on a mass building routine? 20 min a day i heard is alright. Basically i just wanna kno the best supplementation stack for getting bigger while staying toned. Thx and sorry if these are common questions, if so send me the links to the respected threads.