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    Finigenx or Methoxy Trn

    Theres not a whole alot of logs on either of these but from what i have read they both seem to be pretty good stuff i was wondering if anybody had any input on which of the two is the more effective supplement.

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    Finigex basically converts to a Tren like compound int he body. It's very expensive and underdosed so you will need alot of it. Methoxy TRN is basically an Oral version of Tren without a being methylated as a 17aa steroid instead its a methoxy bond. This means we do not know how toxic it is. As methyl Tren is speculated to be just about the most Toxic methyl around, not sure how the bond changes things. Finigex is not methylated so there should be less concern about liver, lipids etc....

    Methoxy TRN is tronger for sure, however potentially more toxic. From what I've seen Finigex users are generally pleased with their results.

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