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    my list of supps on and off cycle

    any comments? is this too much?

    supps on cycle

    animal pak - 2 paks per day (1 before breakfast, 1 30 minutes after meal prior to workout)
    vitamin c - 9 grams per day (1 gram approx. ever 1-2 hours)
    flax seed oil - 9 grams per day (3 grams w/ breakfast, 3 grams w/ lunch, 3 grams with dinner)
    milk thistle - 525mg per day
    nolvadex - 10mg per day

    ***glucosamine sulfate - 1500mg per day (750mg 2 times per day)
    ***chrondoitin sulfate - 1200mg per day (600mg 2 times per day)
    ***msm - 500mg per day (250mg 2 times per day)
    ***celadrin - 1500mg per day (500mg 3 times per day)

    ***start these joint health supps on the last deca injection to keep joints healthy

    PCT Supps

    same as above...and
    day 1-30: nolva 20mg ed
    day 1-30: arimidex .25mg ed
    day 1-30: red kat - 600mg per day (300mg prior to breakfast, 300mg 6 hours later on an empty stomach)
    day 1-30: zma 3 capsules daily (on empty stomach 30-60 minutes prior to bed)
    day 1-56: 5g taurine

    day 1: 300mg clomid
    day 2-15: 100mg clomid
    day 16-30: 50mg clomid

    **day1: 20mcgs clen
    day 2: 40mcgs clen
    day 3: 60mcgs clen
    day 4: 80mcgs clen
    day 5: 100mcgs clen
    day 6: 120mcgs clen
    day 7-56: 140mcgs clen
    day 15-21: 100mg benadryl
    day 35-42: 100mg benadryl

    **only go up in dose if sides are tolerable

    wk1-12: 500mg sust (125mg eod)
    wk1-10: 400mg deca (200mg 2x/wk)
    start pct 18 days after last sust injection

    1-1.5 gallons water per day
    8 hours sleep everynite
    training and diet are in check
    all the whey protein powder supp
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    Why the Benadyrl with the Clen . Im very ointersetd in this Clen, I hear it burns fat with wonders. Any results,response, info for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyTampa09
    Why the Benadyrl with the Clen. Im very ointersetd in this Clen, I hear it burns fat with wonders. Any results,response, info for me?
    check out clen in the steroid profile section. it has tons of good info.

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