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    too much fiber, IM shitting lettuce!

    whats a good amount of fiber for bodybuilding purposes? I was eating a good chunk of salad a day (lettuce with tomatoes and vinegar ) in addition to my meals to get some extra help from fiber, but man, When I hit the bathroom, my ass is on FIBER! (Fire)

    any suggestions?

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    be one with the fiber

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    that happens to me if i eat salad.

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    A little fibre is good for roughage to push food through, too much and it will rip your insides out and feel like you are shitting a cacti. You only need enough fibre (fiber) to allow you a good and timely transit so that you can keep packing in food and getting it through your system and absorbing it. Too little and it shits out too fast without maximum absorption. Just alter your diet slightly

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