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    Opions on this cyle and a few questions

    It seems the majority of people I've talked to highly recommend ErgoPharm over VPX. I am thinking of stacking 1-AD, 4-AD4, and 19-nor-4-diol and then using 6OXO when coming off the cycle.

    I have read that the conversion of DHT in 4-AD is really low as with 19-nor.... also aromotising is very low. The DHT conversion is unkown in 1-AD depending upon the path it takes in the body. I am just worried about hair loss. There is no baldness in my dad's or mom's side. My mom's dad had a little thinning but he was pretty unhealthy she said. Should I be that concerned about hair loss using these prohormones to use Nizoral and other stuff?

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    Most don't lose their hair, but it can happen (mainly with 1AD/1-Test). Some have made good use of topical Spironolactone preparations for such that purpose, of prevention.

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