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    Talking Looking for info on....

    Just want to start by saying this is my first post on AR! I have been lifting for about 1.5 years, 190 lbs @ 14% b/f. Currently taking L-glut and creatine.

    I found this stack surfing some sites and was wondering if anyone can offer some advice.

    Is this a good stack?

    Within the link it gives dosing overview and ect....In our opinion will this be a good stack or waste of money? I dont know all that much about the company and if the products are any good...


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    I did a simlilar stack to this a few years back when prohormones where new to the market. 4-Diol/5-Diol/19-Nor with really nice results.

    Their dosages seem spot on too... FDA regulates the recommended dosages printed on the bottles of prohormones so don't be surprised if the bottle recommends less than the Web site.

    Remember to keep training hard, eat big, and get good sleep.

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