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    dextrose or sugar question

    Hey everyone I know it is real important to have either dextrose or some type of sugar after your workout with your protein. I dont really feel like buying any dextrose so I was thinkig of adding 1 or 2 glasses of grapejuice, orange juice, or cranberry juice to my post workout shakes for my insulin spike since there are simple carbs in them. Do yall think this is ok.

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    Why not just buy a box of MRP's that have malto-dextrose in them
    Isopure is great tasting

    Why not buy dextrose, it's about $4-5.00 for a 10Lb bag at a beer brewing store.

    If none of those are sufficiant, I would go with a couple tablspns of honey.

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    That's what I'm starting to use.....honey that is.

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    Re: dextrose or sugar question

    Originally posted by bunktown
    ...I dont really feel like buying any dextrose...
    Why not bro? I buy it in bulk... it's a very inexpensive and efficient way to spike up your insulin after a workout. Using it with creatine too works wonders. Cheaper than cell-tech... cheaper than isopure... heck, cheaper than any kind of fruit juice for how long it's going to last you.

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