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    1AD/4AD need advice!

    i have peepin this message board for a while and have been quite pleased with the info i have gotten regarding supplements...i am going to be hitting my first prohormone cycle this next week or whenever the stuff comes through the mail...i got a great deal on some ergopharm 1ad and some 4ad also. I just wanted to hear from anyone who has stacked these two together..i just wanted to know what kind of dosages to hit up of each hormone and when are they best times to take em'. I know alot of u arent down for using prohormones but regardless if u could help me out i would appreciate it, also i am 22 years of age (for the ladies) im 5'8" and 185lbs. Thanx! btw i am going to be cycling for 6 weeks.
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    Never used this stuff but I'll give ya a bump!

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    1-AD is great. I used and received great gains. I hit a high for bench while on this. I have never used AS before and everyone on this board that does will tell you otherwise but I say you try it and learn. Just take double dosage, if you research you will be fine....

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