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    Someone gimme a good pro-hormone stack PLEASE

    Ok my stats:
    24years old

    I want a good prohormone stack. I heard good things about 1-AD, 4-AD, and 6OXO. I was wondering if I should take all three of these at once and if so, in what dosages based upon my stats. Ive read allot about these in particular and heard from people on this board, and a couple guys in the gym that it works great. But the dosages that get thrown around seem to be a bit excessive. So you guys with good knowlege about this stuff please let me know.

    Thanks bros

    p.s. I have taken the real deal before, so would this be meaningless because I have already gone with the harder stuff (ie. test, deca , primo). Or will I still see good results?

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    Do a search first. I am just about done 4 weeks of 1-AD and 4-AD. Ran 400mg of 1-AD and 1g of 4-AD. I feel like I should of run more of the 1-AD, but due to finacial reasons I left it at 400mg. Some here have gone as high as 900mg though.

    IMO, the cost to benefit ratio sucks, but have had some good strength increases and added a few pounds.


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    I am on my 4th week taking 1 ad 4ad. So far ive put on 12lbs. Im doing 600mg of both a day. Remeber u have to have a good workout routine and eat to gain size. If you already have both of these perfected then try 1 ad and 4ad. Ive had good results so far. Take the 6oxo the last week of the cycle and for two weeks after that.
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