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    anyone every try Argimax by GNC?

    anyone every try it i was at GNC and wanted to get some N02 again but since its pricy as hell i was looking at the other brands and came across Argimax compared the ingrediants and they are identical.. then a couple of people were getting the GNC brand instead of n02 cuz of the price but the thing is does it work the same??

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    go buy arginine at walmart...

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    Should work the same...especially if the ingredients match up...think of it as a name brand/generic issue

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    right behind ya
    why dont you just buy a 180 cap mro no2 then use half of it then return it for a refund and keep doin that? They are required to accept all returns even if the item is used.

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    I have been trying a cheap way to arginine as well by using GNC arginmax. Its NOT no2. You dont get the pumps. MRI's is to expensive, but you get the pumps. I did no2 last year for 3 months. I got sick. I read threads and alot of people get sick (flue) when on it. Coincidence ? Then I read someones post about NO2 bad sides ad what it does to important other things in your body. That doesnt sound real good either.

    But I digress. While both arginmax and no2 use L-arginine in similar quantities the AKG wrapper that MRI uses is the big diference. GNC's version will give you slightly improved vascularity but the perpetual pump thing isnt happening with it....

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