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    3-weeks on vaso xp

    I have been taking vaso xp for three weeks now stacked with 5grms glutamine
    5 grms ribose and four different types of creatine . prolab,celltech,creablast and
    kaizen effervecent german creatine. Also i take 30mg zinc pre workout with vitamine e, and b50 plus ginseng everday.

    My diet is mostly raw eggs, raw oatmeal mixed with tuna and blended with milk or water. bannanas, ground pork hamburger helper, simple carbs ,cane sugar ,dextrose. lots of 3% milk. very high fat diet.

    I must say i am not into supps that make all kinds of claims i usually only buy
    glutamine and creatine but decided to try the vaso xp. it cost 111.00 $ canadian. "about 3 bucks american lol!" it was by far my biggest supp investment ever.

    I started workingout 2 1\2 years ago at a body weight of 150lbs. i went up to
    about 200 last year but was very flat and mushy. I have made more gains in the last three weeks than i made in two months of taking test proprionante 400mg weekly injections ,with insulin last year. my arms are almost a half inch bigger. yesterday morning i went to the gym and curled 50lb dumbells like nothing. then in the evening i went back to do chest and my last set of dumbell incline presses was with 105lbs dumbells no spotter. i weighed myself
    in my underwear after my workout and was 210 lbs !! This was one of the greatest moments of my boybuilding experience ever. I dont know if my diet would work for everyone but i can assure you my muscles are like solid rock
    to touch. my stomach is a little flabby but who cares. I will definetly buy this again. thanks.

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    hey buddy,
    i couldnt tell u much but im just wondering a few things..ive been on creatine for about a month now and its only showing a little bit of in high school and i workout normal and stuff...i bought Vaso XP today but havent taken it yet, i got it at GNC. Is it any good? what does it really do? do u have any other recomendations what i should do?
    email ur replay to my email and not on here:
    thanks alot!

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    dose vaso xp work do you get any gains off it .

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