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    chest just wont grow......

    chest-wise, ive basically been in a plateau for over a year if thats even possible. i just cant seem to get it to make progress. ive tried taking breaks, high reps, low reps, and a bunch of other things and no luck. my max is 220 which i put up over a year ago and still havent made progress since. all my other lifts have increased a decent amount since but chest is just stagnent. just today i was repping 145 on shoulder press 8 times and repping 115 on curls, compared to my other lifts it seems my chest should be doing better then it is....

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    Well I know it sounds crazy but look up the Doggcrapp training routine. It is seriously kick ass. Just started doing it myself a few weeks ago and my god does it work. Too hard to explain so go in the search and get it.

    Here's a hint.... print it out cause it's so **** long and hard as hell on the eyes using the monitor.

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    Re-evaluate your diet and training regimen. Chances are that is where your problem lies.

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    my chest has always been my best bodypart and i train it like this

    flat dumbell press 5 sets - 12,10,8,6,2-3
    incline bar press - 4 setes - 12,12,10,8
    flys (cable crossovers next workout) - 4 sets 12, 12, 10, 8
    dips - 4 sets (as many as i can do)

    i noticed (and have told other people which they said has helped a lot) when you are doing anything for chest to stretch as far as you can when you get to the bottom position. especialls with dumbell press and dips. on the last rep i have the weight just hang there for 5 seconds. it works great

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    If you haven't changed up your routine in a while, might want to try doing that. I also like to mix some decline dumbbell press or fly in my chest routine. Also, do you workout at home or at a gym? Can you use microloaders, they have helped me get past my chest hurdle. Some people like them some don't but you can go up in smaller increments when you just can't go up 5LB. Microloaders are 1 1/4 each so one on each side would be a total of 2.5LB instead of jumping up the 2.5LB each for a total of 5LB.

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    well try switching up ur whole chest work out. if ur doing 15-20 sets for chest drop it to 9 hard core sets (3 exercises 3x each) do a weight were u can only get like barely 8 on ur own then have a partner help u with the last 2, thats what i did and i only been working out for a year and 1/2 and i got my bench max up to 300lbs(no AAS, well i tried sust once but it was fakelol), and i only weigh 175!!!!!! i do 225 as a med weight set, so if u have been working out longer than me sumpin isnt ryte. TRY everything , rest pause, supersetting, stripping, heavy negs
    Also one trick that worked good for me, put a weight that u could never do a single rep with , un rack it hold it up for like 5 secs then rak it, do it 2x, then go to 225lbs, it will seem so much lighter and u'll actually trick ur muscles in doing more reps when in return will make ur bench go up
    im just trying to help ya out so good luck!!

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