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Thread: raquet ball

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    raquet ball

    how does playing raquet ball compare to doing other cardio excersises (ski machine, stairmaster, treadmill)? is there any advantage or disadvantage of doing that more... anyone know?

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    My roommate last year, who was a total douche, played raquet ball d@mn near every single day and swore up and down it was the most enduring, best sport in the history of the universe. Of course this was the guy who, for a "workout," would go to the rec and do like 4 exercises, 1 set each, but extremely heavy on machines and go on and on that it was the best routine. Anyways back to raquetball, if you are constantly moving and playing vigorously for a half hour or 45 min, sure it would give you a cardio workout. Ill just stick to running tho.

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