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    about to go on sust... how is this workout

    back and bis, standing barbell curls 5x10-15, alternating dumbell curls 5x10-15, ez bar cable curls 5x10-15, high cable curls 5x10-15 CHEST AND TRIS flat bench press 15,12,8,6,4,2, decline barbell press 3x10-12, low pulley cable crossover 3x10-12, dumbell flyes 3x10-12, SHOULDERS AND LEGSoverhead dumbell press 3x10-12, military press 3x10-12, lateral raise 3x10-12 front raise press combo 3x10-12 Squats 4x10 leg ext. 4x10 leg curl 4x10 leg press 4x10. That is just for one week, the next week all the some bodyparts are worked just 4 different excerises for each mucle group is done, everything is done with 1-2 warm-ups sets of 15 reps. Sry about the typing might seem kinda confusing comp. messed up and only certain keys work, but your opinions will be greatly appreciated thank. you think its too much sets and im working my muscles too much, im trying to gain mass. thank sry my back workout is t-bar row 3x10-12 compound row 3x10-12 unilateral raise 3x10-12 wide grip pull up 3x failure i usually go 4 days a week so i only hit back and bis twice a week
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    20 sets for biceps after back is too much.
    What is your back workout?
    I would adjust your rep max to ranges of 8-12, then 4-8 is a structured manner.
    Are you hitting everything once or twice a week?
    Shoulders and legs together will be exhausting.
    You need an incline movement for complete chest development.
    Why 6 sets for flat bench, then 3 for decline?
    Seems like a last minute unstructured workout to me.

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