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    Deadlift/Squat on different days, or same day?

    This week I switched up my workout a bit. Usually I do deadlift and squat on leg day, but it takes too much out of me, and I have little energy left to do my other exercises. This week I did deadlift on back day, and squat on leg day. Will I overtrain my legs if I do deadlift on Tuesdays, and squat on Thursdays?

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    your probably alright if you dont do legs the rest of the week

    you could try squats then wait a day dead lift then not hit legs the rest of the week



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    G-S Guest
    Deadlifts should be done on back days, even though it is a "total" body excercise, it is predominatly for the back.

    I deadlift HEAVY on TUE, and Squat on THUR. Works for me.

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    I alway separate my deadlifts (back & bicep day) and my squats (on leg day). I always put 4 days between the two to maximize the amount of recovery time in between.

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    I figured it would be better this way. Splitting them up doesn't give me that real exhausted feeling afterwards. I only do legs once a week anyways. Thanks for your replies.

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