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    traps twice a week?

    Ok, I am trying to put together a new workout plan. I really want to focus on my traps and my neck so here is what I have been thinking. I usually do back on mondays and shoulders on fridays. Would it be ok to do traps and neck on back and shoulders, as long as I usually dont do the same exercises for each day? or would that be overworking them? Also if I do them once a week which should I put them with.
    thanks bros

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    If your doing deads on back day, i would just limit them to that day. Traps get hit pretty hard during deads. Or if you just do them on shoulder day, combined with upright rows. So your basically already hitting them twice. Deadlift day and shoulder day!! If you feel they need more work, do them on both for a while. Neck exercises can be done 3 or 4 days a week-- your preferece!

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    There would be nothing wrong with doing it twice a week like that... there's plenty of time in between each day for them to recover. Deadlifts on back day will definitly stimulate growth as will shrugs, cleans and upright rows... My favourite trap exercise is using the standing calf machine and do shrugs with that hands-free which will allow you to handle more weight without having to worry about grip strength giving out before you exhaust your traps.

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    I am doing that exact same thing. I use DB's on shoulder day for shrugs, usualy dropsets. 100/80/40lbs is what Ive been doing. The rec center is gay and only goes up to 100's and they have ONE 105 cuz some idiot broke the other. On back day I use a barbell and load up 295 315 315 and maybe try a 335. People always look at you when youre doing that much, and its sweet.

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    You can work most muscle twice a week. No big deal, you'll know pretty soon if its working for you.

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