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    Bum shoulder screwing with my workout

    The Doc says I have a bone spur in my left shoulder that is pinching a nerve sending shooting pains down my arm. I also have cysts which are prob. from all the injections in my shoulder. Then there is the torn tenden. He says I need orthoscopic surgery but I can't afford to close my business for weeks while I recover. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to adjust my workout to avoid the pain and doing anymore damage. It's mainly military presses, flat bench and butterflies that I have trouble with. Using dumbbells opposed to barbells helps a little also. Pulling movements and curls are no problem. Thanks guys.

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    Only resting is going to help you. Other than that lower the weights . If you continue to work through the pain you screwing yourself in the long run. Then surgery is the only option. Orthoscopic surgery you can recover much quicker too.

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    Yeah, I'd stop the workouts as masking/working around the problem is not going to remedy the said problem, and will only serve to make it worse.

    I just had my knee scoped 3 weeks ago. It's still swollen, and it sucks, yes, but in 4-5 months it'll be WELL WORTH the sacrifice I've made now.


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