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    Very bad College football workout program Need imput

    Im very upset at the moment. My college's lifting program blows ass. Im 100% sure that i could put together more effiecient lifting programs then they do. Bottom line here are a few things that make it retarded. Feel free to post what you guys think. Keep in mind this is a top 25 division 1 football team.

    1. Training is always high reps. Targeting slow twitch muscles obviously becuase fast twitch muscles are fatigued after 10 seconds or about 6-8 reps max. The strength coach tried to tell me that fast twitch muscles were targeted after 12-15 REPS!!!!! I was Amazed at his lack of knowledge!

    2. Everything is taken till failure! EVERYTHING! Every set of bench, every set of leg press everything! Ive always taken the last set to failure only on major lifts like this, but not every set!

    3. No rest inbetween exercise and sets. I mean no rest! How are you supposed to get your creatine levels back up so you can get a glycogen flow to your fast twitch muscles!? You cant! They need at least 2-3 min rest to be ready for another set. COmplete BS

    4. Workout never changes. If it does its about the same every 2-3 weeks or so. I mean come on who wouldnt get bored out of your mind?

    5. No olympic lifts. Come on now its a top 25 division 1 program and they dont do olympic lifts?! What is wrong with that picture . When the strength coach was asked why there is no olympic lifts, he gave the reply "I dont do them to prevent injury." How would not doing them prevent injury? I can see if someone puts on 225lbs when they can only power clean 155 with good form get injured, but if you're being supervised and have on weight you can handle, olympic lifts should only prevent injury.

    6. Leg press = favorite workout. BLAH! We dont play football sitting down, how is leg press supposed to be good? He tried to say taht leg press makes you faster... But everyset is taken until failure which almost always consists of 20 or more reps. Obviously targeting the slow twitch muscles. Keep in mind no rest between sets, they just take off 2 45 plates and make you go again right away with no rest!

    7. Constant yelling from the coaches. Yes i know they should keep it under control and keep everyone focused, but vulgar quotes about someones mom becuase they cant get a 26th rep? How are you supposed to look forward to lifting?

    8. Stretching or dynamic flexing before workout? Oh dont i wish they did that. My highschool team even always did that. *division 1 state champs 9 years out of 14*. Why woudl you attempt to lift if you didnt stretch out and warm up completely?

    9. Punishment... Someone did dips wrong (oH god what an important exercise) The whole group has to go outside in the snow and push the sled and do pushups until they die. Great way to OVERTRAIN your athletes. Hmm overtraining leads to what... Injury, depression, loss of weight. THe list goes on and on.

    10. No supplments at all. The team wont even let you take your own protein! Let alone a proper post workout shake ilke 2 scoops of whey, about 80grams of dex and 1 teaspoon of creatine like ive been taking. Although zma, hmb, are obviously LEGAL supplements to take in the ncaa, the team will not allow them. At least there is no way to check but still that is retarded.

    11. Machine squats. Team always does these. WHY? All i have read about them have led to bad news. Greatly limiting your natural range of motion and putting bad stress on your knees. Also doesnt target the hamstrings at all which are obviously the most important muscle (next to lower back) for being fast and getting faster.

    Thats all i can think of at the moment. You guys know there is plently more Rants from me.

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    Getting Fat
    1. The coach is right. Fast twitch fibers are recruited as the muscle fatigues. So the latter reps approaching failure will reach the threshold to recruit the type IIb fibers. However, in a well-trained individual, such as your whole football team, your body has the ability to first recruit fast twitch fibers. Therefore, by doing the higher reps to latter recruit the fast twitch fibers, you will have used your ATP-PC stores and fast gylcolysis will start producing lactic acid, which interfers with myosin actin cross bridge cycling (muscular contractions). So by doing high reps, you are significantly limiting your ability to gain strength/size. Because, by the time you get to your fast twitch fibers, you are simply going to be extremely fatigue, resulting in a harder effort to overlaod.
    2. Training to failure is not bad, as long as he allows enough time for supercompensation to occur (recovery).
    3. You have a valid point. I would be specific to the average time you have between plays on the feild. Principle of Specificity is simple, yet so effective.
    4. Every successful strength coach incoporates some type of periodization (linear, undulating, etc.) If he is not doing this, I question his intelligence.
    5. Again, I would question his understanding of the anaerobic energy systems. To get faster, you have to train fast. To get stronger, you have to strenght train. Incorporate the two, you have one POWERFUL son of a *&^%!!!
    6. He is starting to sound like an incompotent meathead, who knows nothing about exercise physiology.
    7. Combine #6 with immaturity. Any professional, would know how to motivate.
    8. No dynamic warm-ups. That is a complete and utter joke!
    9. I gotta stop.
    Your coach's elevator simply does not reach the top floor. I am sorry you are stuck with such a idiot~

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    Hey my coach did the same ****. There was a group of us that hit the weights all summer long. We all got stronger and faster over that summer. But as soon as our stupid coach did the same **** yours did it all went down hill. We got weaker,slower, and for some reason out of shape. Now I now it was over training. We had a big list of fatigued and injured people, but he didnt care. He was one of that hardnosed football coaches. His bull**** cost us the whole season. His play calling sucked. But I dont know what you should do. Maybe try to write down what he makes yall do the research everything and bring it to someone who can do something about it.

    Just an Idea.

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    training till failure is not bad, but we dont have any rest inbetween. seems like later sets seem worthless since you have no energy to do them. Yes he is a meathead and thinks that everything he does is right. I tried to explain to him the research that ive done and he still called me wrong. No dynamics... for soemone that is conserned with injury therefore not doign oly lifts seems like he would do dynamics all the time but he doesnt.

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