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    best treadmill?????

    I was wanting some input on some people that own a treadmill. I was wanting to findon the folds up(but not nessacery becuaase moving in to a bigger house)one with an incline option would be nice also. cd play would be a great option also but not need becuase of MP3's.
    Some were in between 300.00 and 555.00 maybe a bit more for a good deal.

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    for that kind of money you are jut going to be getting some bargin barn type ****. I would look at your local gyms and see if hey are selling any used equipment.

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    Yeah for the 300-600 range there is not much of a selection for good quality treadmills. I used to be a salesman for high end workout equipment. You will be looking at at least $1000+ for a good one. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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    Its not quite the same thing but bdtr says his gazzelle contraption adds pounds of sheers muscle soz for the deviation of original topic

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    I bought a proform for about $799 and I thought it was the low end of quality but it's been running now very well for over 5 years. No problems at all.

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