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    WTF is "clean shrug"?

    Can anyone explain this exercies to me?

    I'm starting a new program tomorrow... I have no clue what this is. If you can provide a helpful link and/or explanation I would be grateful.


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    I believe that would be the same thing as a explosive shrug...Hold the bar in clean form..but shrug it up explosively as you would a clean.

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    clean shrug can be from the floor or just above the knees, your preference. It is when you accelerate the weight to simulate that of a clean to the point of where you only shrug the the traps, do not pull with the arms( that is a no no for this). you may bend the arms slightly due to the explosive movement, great for trap development in my opinion. use straps though.

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    clean shrug maby

    hehe, its me :P
    but mind u im clean

    open this link and click download file....its a video file of 2mb

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