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Thread: hurt arm

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    hurt arm

    I have been dieting for couple of months now and starting to get pretty ripped bf% 9%.But have been having problems with my arm went to doctors and he said i have lateral epiconalitis(tendinitis) i will be out of gym for 2 weeks how much will this hurt my progress.If i keep my diet in check will lose size.

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    What part of the arm?

    This will keep you out of the gym for 2 weeks?

    I'd still bench, do shoulders, legs especially, cardio, etc.

    One arm wouldn't sideline me, but that may be just ME.


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    Was ICE and Anti-inflammatories not recommended. First, I would reduce volume, ice and take some anti's and see if that helps.

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    sorry swole i failed to mention i got cortisone shots its my bicep tendon.Legs and cardio are all i can do my arm is sore as hell.

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