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    Tricep overtrain..But best pump

    last week i couldnt decide weather to do rope pull downs, or the rope overhead extension(same machine just turned around) so i jsut supersertted them, and got a real sick burn, but i was thinking this might be overtraining my tris. This week i did it again to see what i thought, and now its about 7 hours post workout, n i still have a really good pump, n they look bigger then ever before, what u guys thnk am i overtraining and this will catch up to me eventualy, heres the workout

    I do chest on modays, then this on friday

    Military - 10-8-6
    front raises-10-8-6
    machine lateral raises-10-8-6
    skull crushers-10-8-6
    ez bar machine pushdown-10-8-6
    the superset with rope- 10 of each back to back, 3 sets of this

    then 3 sets of dips to exhaustion, but the kind with 2 benches

    what you guys think, it appears id be ovrtrianing, but this pump has me second guessing

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    I'd just cut out the bench dips. I don't like them as an exercise anyways. Do that and I'd say the number of sets you're doing is fine.

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    your workout looks fine. I would also remove the dips with two benches. If you want to do dips I would sub it with one of your other lifts and do the other form of dips on the stand.
    The only thing that I see is there isn't to many day of rest inbetween tris and chest. Which if your tris dont get enough rest it could be hindering your chest results.
    Just something to think about.
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    2 days doesnt sound like alot, but my tris r my strongest muscle, meaning i can shred them n in 2 days theryll be ready for nething, but im def gonna take out the dips, they hurt my wrist neway, thanx alot

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