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Thread: Opinions please

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    Opinions please

    How is it possible for your legs to recover from training them if you work full time and are on your feet the whole time your working. My legs are the strongest muscle group I have but also the least developed and Its starting to piss me off. There is nothing wrong with my training, I can pump them up so much they feel like theyre going to burst, I can make them sore for a couple days after, but they just wont grow and Im beginning to think that they dont have enough down time, if Im on my feet 9 hours a day 5 days a week how are they supposed to recover, all they're doing is getting more beat up. So do you guys think I sould try training them once every two weeks ( I train them once week now), or just lighten the load or what? I must be missing something when it come to legs, because compared to my upper body they're small.

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    lol im not telling :D
    try swole's leg protocol if you have been lifting heavy for long time it shox some growth i assure you.

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