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    Lookin for awnser

    This sounds ridiculous and im not lieing im just confused. I keep track of my numbers in the gym. I had to leave town for a month for some work up in a local mine. I ate unhealthy, and greasy and did'nt work out. The work i did was very wrist intense if anyone in here knows mechanics or smeone who works with pipe wrenches all day long they can agree. However my confusing comes from going back to the gym today. I had a personal best in all 3 of my sholder lifts. and i only lost 3lbs in that month. Im not a very big guy but im any explaination how a long break can improve my lifts? Does this make my body a very very slow recovery?

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    In body building, for decades, people suggested a break from working out. You have to schedule a break every three to six months to let your body recover. When you work out consistantly, your body never really fully recovers. Take a short break and you will sometimes see increases in strength, if not, most people start to make gains again after the break. Take too long of a break and you will see a decrease in strength, but the body still tends to rebound rather quickly.

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