hey guys.... i just wanted to check with you all to see if my workout schedule and my diet are OK... currently ive been working out for 4 months.....i have been on a couple m1t cycles... and i went up from 165 to 190..... i feel i did put some punds of fat on but then i did put some muscle on as well... my workout shcedule is as follows...

MOnday-chest:3 sets flat chest barbell superset with pushups, 3 sets of inlcine db bench supersetted with fly. cable flys... I rotate my ches worlout wiht a couple of diff workouts... for example on chest routine ill dout that and the next ill leave out incline and do decline ..

Triceps: 3 sets skull crushers super setted with cable push downs... 3 sets db skulll crushers superstted with rope pull down... as i said i switch up ever workout with diff workouts

shoulders: 3 sets of standing up rows superset with king kongs, 3 sets of front laterals superset with bent over flys...once again i change it up sometimes as well.

Biceps: barbell curls 5 sets... superset with sitting down db curls.... preacher curls superset with db preacher 3 sets.. i change all of the time

Back:3 sets back machine superset with wide grip pullups, 3 sets bent over rows with back pulldowns... always changed

Legs 2 sets squats with leg extension, sets leg press with leg curls

Then i have one day off and do it all over again and then after my two days of working out i have a 2 day break... and then back too the 2 workouts and 1 day off...

as for my diet.... in the morning i eat 8 egg whites with 2 slices of 12 grain bread with peanut butter and a little bit of cottage cheese... somedays i have oatmeal instaed of 2 slices of bread

next meal 2 hours later i have a protein shake

Next meal is cottage cheese with chicken

dinner ill have chicken or turkey or steak with a potato and sort of vegetables

then an hour before i go to bed ill have another shake

on workout days i have a shake immediatly after my workout and then one or two before the night

supplements.... i take n02, ce2, omega 3 6 and 9 pills, amino acid pills, multi vitamin, M1t 20 mg, No explode and protein.....

i meen i should be seeing massive result i would think with all of the hard work and things i have scrificed.... am i just expecting too much too soon? or are there some flaws in my routine diet or supplements.... need some help !!!!