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    Quickly adjustable dumbell system

    I saw one of these nifty dumbell systems at the FIBO convention in Germany this year but I forgot what brand is making them. The ones i'm after were about 6-700usd and made by a US based brand if I'm correct.

    They are similar to that Powerblock system ( ) but a lot easier to handle.

    Any ideas?

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    Bowflex Select Tech Dumbells. I don't think they go very heavy though.

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    Stick to powerblock if you like that stuff. You can go heavy with them and the bowflex thing requires you change plates whilst positoned back at the base. Lots of back and fourth!

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    Similar question...Does anyone know where i can find a good pair of adjustable dumbells......however, i want adjustable dumbells where i can simply add weight plates onto the dumbells..... i can go heavier than a powerblock system and, the cost is cheaper to do it this way....anyone know where i can find these?

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