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    Cardio AFTER cycle??????

    I was just condering how long after ive come off cycle can i start doing good cardio again? Im too scared to do intense cardio right now cause im only in week 3 of PCT.
    Also what can i do whilst not on cycle to prevent myself from losing much muscle whilst doing cardio ? would eating or having a protien shake right before doing intense cardio help alot?

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    First off, calculate your target heart rate (the rate you need to be at in order to burn fat an not muscle.) Then you wont be doing that. And if you're really worried about it, yea, eat before, cardio is optimal for fat burning w/out a meal first thing in the morning, but...doing cardio is doing cardio. You'll still benefit from it. Eat clean, but eat big. And good luck keepin your gains bro.

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    thanx for the info mate... but just curious how do you get your target heart rate?(im a bit of a newbie to cardio and yes i know i should of been doing it :P)

    Also im looking at doing cardio to improve fitness mostly not to burn fat.

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    220 minus your age = your max heart rate

    then work out 65% of that (65% of max heart rate is optimum for fat oxidation)
    dont go over 75% or you'll be using muscle glycogen

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