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    Can you overtrain with cardio ?? Need BIG help :)

    Basically i need to get real fit, like as fit as i can get plus more!! Right now im extremely unfit, so unfit i gasp for air when i run up a small flight of stairs. Im not overweight or anything, im in good size, i just havent done good cardio in years (i no its bad ).

    Anyway what i want to know is can you do too much cardio in one day that you wont acctually increase in fitness?? By this i mean can i do intense cardio in the morning then AGAIN at night ??

    Also whats the best way to get really fit? are there any good tricks to building up a good fitness?

    Im not concerned about shedding bodyfat as i have done a search on cardio but most threads about losing BF. I just need to get my heart and lungs really strong, and im sure ill lose fat along the way anyway.

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    getting fit takes time, your best bet would be to maybe post this is a sports forum of some sort and ask people there, i dont know

    to strengthen your lungs, do a search for the powerbreath thing!
    heres what i mean, this is a UK site tho so you prob wana look somewhere were u live!

    im using one and it really does help.

    hope this of of help to you!

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