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    How to train muscles for endurance??

    Hey i was just wondering if i wanted to increase my muscle endurance so i can use them for longer without them burning out, do i decrease my weights and just do more reps?
    If so how heavy should the weights be and how many rep and sets should be done?
    Im not too concerned about size and strength right now just endurance...

    Also will i still grow if i train for endurance?

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    15+ reps should help you train for endurance, do as much weight as you can for 15,20,25 reps.

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    When training for strength-endurance, look for 14-20 repetitions. You as much resistance that will allow you to perform at least 14 reps but no more than 20 reps.
    If you were doing 4 sets of 8 reps, in the past, on the bench press, this is how it will look now: 2 sets of 16 reps. Try to keep the total volume the same (32 reps). These are only estimates but I hope that helps .

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