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    Is it beneficial to hit MHR consistently?

    I often do HIIT training in the form of sprints because I need a combination of strength, endurance and speed for various types of running or cycling. When I do them it is usually 30m dashes with a short break of about 15-20 seconds for a total of four times. Sometimes I just sprint for as long as possible flat-out, which might be up to about 250m. Afterwards I can feel a 'pulse' in all different places even though I'm not checking for one anywhere.

    How many people actually go to their MHR??? And is it beneficial to do it regularly? I love the feeling of my heart trying to jump out my chest

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    It's beneficial for increasing your VO2 max as well as resting heart rate, if you are going all out most likely you are exceeding your Max Heart rate.

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