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    fore arm pain !!!!!

    hey peep's

    I have been on a deca , sust , dboll cycle for a few weeks now , everything is going great , except for last two weeks my fore arm's started to hurt like hell after arm day , I went to the doc and got a mri done on them , the doc said he could see little tears in the muscle that is in the middle of the two bone's in the fore arm , from what he said , the muscle suport's the bone's when you turn your wrist . He knows that I am on a cycle right now and told me to wrap them with an ace bandage when I lift , and to ice them afterward , no more twisting dumbell curl's or any outher excerize that is done in a wrist twisting motion ! He is trying to help me tuff it out till the end of the cycle , I can take the pain , just dont want any per damage !

    Anyone had this ????
    Any sugestions to give them more support ???
    thanks peep's gymnut

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    you are probably gripping the bar way too tight, especially if it hurts more when you do curls, toughing it out is not a good idea, wrap them up and start doing hammer curls and other exercises that dont stress them too much, there are plenty out there.

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    Cut out the unnecessary forearm work

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