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    Right I'm cutting. I'm doing cardio in the morning and evening 30mins each 5-6 days a week, both on a empty stomach. I'm also taking 400mg of DNP each day. Taking in about 150 carbs a day, the rest protein and fats. Diet is really clean, little to no cheating. I was wondering is this enought to melt fat away.....
    Or should I drop the DNP, and just do cardio in the morning for 45mins 5-6 days a week.
    Which one of the two will I see the best results for losing fat and keeping muscle. thanks

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    Though it may not answer what u should do with the DNP , have a look at this thread on cutting and cardio Burning Fat

    Personally though, i think the amount of cardio ur doing will help to burn fat AND muscle.

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