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    Military vs. Behind the Neck Presses

    I know that everyone and their mother nowadays says that Behind the Neck presses will injure you, but alot of the older BBer's like Bill Pearl and Reg Park used this exercise and had some of the strongest shoulders.

    What do you guys think Military Presses or Behind tha Neck Presses?

    What do you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Son Of Khadafi

    What do you do?
    I can't get the ROM on behind the neck presses.My delts won't allow it.

    I don't like seated military presses.I prefer standing presses.Some say it's tough on the lower back.Sure it is,if you don't have any muscle strength there.I view it as a compound exercise.It was good enough for Arnold,and it's good enough for me too.

    And when going REALLY heavy,I'll do military push presses.

    No,I don't wear a belt.They are for pussies.Just like those who wear gloves in a gym.Chalk up,or go home.

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    i wish i could do them behind the neck but it hurts my shoulders too much. some people can do them others cant but imo not worth the risk of injury.

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    BTN decreases anterior recruitment and increases the medial slightly. There is not a huge difference, the anterior deltoid soon takes over from the medial above shoulder height just as in the front military press.

    Also in the BTN overhead press, your shoulders are verging on dislocation (and in most individuals that would occur if you repeated this movement with heavy weight). There are still many however that can perform this press because of their unique shoulder construction. If you work at the BTN press that is what you will be able to do more weight with, but not because it is a more efficient exercise.

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    Working behind your neck - or in your verticle plain, puts too heavy of a load in an unnatural, or unproperly supported, position for the shoulder joint. I learned this that hard way - it got so bad I eventually had a hard time simply reaching.

    Never work in your verticle plane - stay just forward of it... this includes behind the neck pull ups, pull downs, presses and delt flyes...

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    I like 'em.. i do 'em

    Both standing and seated... no problems.

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    I can not do them, not even close. The movement absolutely plays havoc with my shoulders. I stay out of my vertical plane and press to the front just out of my vertical plane.

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    I find the range of motion of military presses is far superior than on behind the necks, therefore for me they are the better mass builder!

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