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    one tricep bigger

    hey guys, in highschool I broke my wrist playing football.. a couple years later I had surgery to remove a cyst and repair muscle where I broke it.. this was my right wrist.. well I noticed my left tricep is bigger(im right handed), so I figure it is a natural reaction to me putting the majority of strain on my left arm than my right..

    I do tricep/chest the same day:

    triceps workout: 3x6-8 close grip BB, 3x6 skulls, 3x15 weighted dips

    I notice that my right arm strains harder when lifting.. so how should remedy this? should I add slightlly less weight to the left size, trying to force my right arm to carry the bigger load?

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    i dont know, ask doc sust....this is a thread that should be posted in the injury/rehab forum. It would get more responses.

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    Well one muscle is always bigger and stronger, this occurs naturally... Your injury could be making the difference more pronounced.. I would try a couple isolation excercises to bring up the laging side

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    Unlateral exercises will not help you. Continue what you are doing but concentrate on form. Or you could make it lighter on the left side that is finding it easier. Don't make the side that is struggling heavier! Ideally you want to continue the compound exercises as they build mass, isolating one side of the tricep will not produce a very good growth stimulus compared to working both.

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    no one is symetricly perfect.. one muscle is always going to be different then the other .. i have the sam problem .. but mine are evening out nicely .. just do a few extra sets for the weaker arm .. but dont BLAST it

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    I had the same problem due to an injury and am evening out as well. My triceps were quite uneven due to a shoulder injury. The way that I got evened out was to do dumbbell exercises instead of barbell, using the same amout of weight on each one, and let your weaker side determine the weight that you are lifting. When I did barbell exercises I found that I was using my stronger side to do as much work as possible and my weaker side wasn't getting much of a workout as well so I kept getting more and more uneven.

    And yes, I know nobody is completely even but when you do have an injury that affects one side sometimes you can get uneven to a very noticable point and it sounds like that is the case for you.

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