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    questionj about hit

    Hey i have been training hit for a few months now, great results but i feel i am loosing flexability. I recently posted a thread about cross fit training. It revolves around olympic lifts and body weight work. the webstie is I was wondering if it would be a good idea to do the cross fit program for 3 weeks, and do a week of hit work. My idea behind this is to improve my core strenght speed and flexibility, without loosing the improvements i have made on lifts such as bench, and squats that you arent really doing for heavy weight in this cross fit program. ALso i feel it is a good shock to the muscles to go all out liek this once a month. Thanks guys and let me knwo what you all think.

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    I think as doby48 pointed out, a lot of gymnasts follow that type of training and it does them just fine. If you feel you need to increase flexiblity go for it, it is ulikely you will lose any muscle especially since you are exercising. Just keep the protein up and there is no problem maintaining your muscle.

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    sounds good to me, try to wks cross and one wk hit i think that wil work better.

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    why not do a modified westside barbell program geared towards athletics.lifters in the eastern bloc revolutionized strength training and its involvement with athletic performance.westside theroies are known for their abilities to give tremoendous strnght gains as well as mass/speed /flexibility enhancement. try,, or a good modified westside barbell program at

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