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    Come on gentlemen

    is an hour to long for am cardio? Doing it 5 times a week to much also?

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    central gerzy
    not it you want to loose muscle. how much are you eating? are you cycling?
    are you clening?

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    45 min is optimal but you need to watch your heart rate. I know some will dissagree but for me 45 min a day.. OR 45 min 2x a day works even better.. 10 hours apart.

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    Try the right forum people, please!!

    This has nothing to do w/STEROID QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Can't answer that question without knowing what you are taking in, what your goals are, and how your body is responding. What are your stats? When you do cardio, where are you getting your heart rate up to?

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    I am 6 foot 2
    185 pounds
    12% body fat

    Goals:8% by summer (6 pack baby)

    I have a basketball game every friday and sunday
    Im doing cardio for an hour on days 1,2,3,5,7. I switch it up, do two different bikes for 15 min, eliptical 15 min, and treadmill for 15 min... I would do all treadmill but my joints really hurt for some reason...

    I am running an ECY stack, and i am eating alot to be honest with you... healthy though, no chips or junk food, healthy shit, ya know?

    So are my goals obtainable, and am i over working?

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